Blake Goldring: Chairman and Executive Officer of AGF Limited

There are lots of business establishments in Canada. There are around 1.5 million businesses in Canada that are either privately, company or government owned. And one of the famous company which is based in Toronto, Canada is AGF (American Growth Fund) Limited.

AGF Limited has been operating for nearly six decades after it was established in 1957. It was the first mutual fund company based in Canada that solely invests in different U.S. equities. It was by C. Warren Goldring and Allan Manford. It began with one purpose in their mind which is to sum-up the funds of Canadian investors to get broader access to the U.S. market. It has lots of investments all around the world such as in US, UK, Asia and many other more. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGF Limited at the moment is blake goldring who is an excellent business leader and philanthropist. He is the second eldest of the five siblings of C. Warren Goldring and Barbara Goldring.

Under his management, AGF reaches $35 billion dollars now. He expands the client base of the firm by including institutional and high net worth investors diversifying from its original source of mutual funds. AGF Limited is also one of the innovators when it comes to environmentally sustainable investment solutions. He graduated from the University Of Toronto with a degree in Economics and with honor. He earned his Master of Business Administration at INSEAD in France.

Services That AGF Limited Offers

  1. Retail Advisor Services- they give investment advisors and their clients wider choices of where and how to invest mutual funds and manage their assets.
  2. Institutional Services- they also give services or provide strategies to the different needs of institutional investors like foundations, corporate investors or pension plans.
  3. Private Counsel- they have three investment counsel firms that provide special management services.

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